BioPledge offers a unique application for your vehicle designed to clean, inhibit, control, prevent and protect long-term against harmful microbe growth. AMP provides treated vehicles with a product safeguard from microbes and also eliminates odors caused by organic matter.

Protect your vehicle with an antimicrobial to inhibit future odors while leaving hard and soft surfaces fresh.  Under normal conditions BioPledge AMP provides long-lasting protection.  It continues to destroy potentially dangerous microbes around the clock and cannot be removed with normal cleaning (even steam cleaning) since it actually becomes part of the treated surface.


BioPledge® AntiMicrobial Protection (AMP)™ provides a quick-killing action, molecularly bonds to the treated surfaces and keeps on killing for extended periods of time*.

Applications of AMP provide a durable surface protection, continuously working 24/7, to inhibit the growth of microbes which can cause odors, sickness, stains, or deterioration of products.

  • - Antimicrobial barrier technology
  • - Antimicrobial remains active after it is dry
  • - Reduces harmful microbe cross contamination and transfer
  • - Inhibits deterioration caused by bacteria on treated surfaces
  • - Extremely effective at removing mold, and
  • mildew-related odors from vehicle cabins and air ducts
  • - Product is not removed or washed off with over the counter soaps or solvents
  • - Long lasting results 
  • - Non-toxic to children and pets.
  • *Durability for the length of the coating depends on surface applied and amounts of friction on
    the surface